Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better Ladders - Safer Work

You've all seen it - the late night infomercial for the Little Giant Ladder.  You may even have one for getting to some of those difficult to reach places.  This year at LDI, these guys outdid themselves BIGTIME.  They introduced a extensible A-Frame ladder with a safety cage work platform at the top.

"Alas, the old trestle ladder, 'Rickety' was unceremoniously taken out to the dumpster, cut to pieces with a chain saw, and laid to rest.  A few onlookers mourned his passing, as they held-back signs of PTSD from sitting atop it with their legs entangled in the rungs while they wrangled a twenty pound ellipsoidal light into position.  Splintery's friend, 'Skateboard' was also cut to shreds and tossed into a cold, dark dumpster to be forever forgotten.  Even his wobbly, non-locking casters were committed to the recycle bin in a final tribute to stupidity.  The local laundromat is expected to see a sharp decline in stained underwear noted one person.  "For every inch the trestle ladder shifted unexpectedly while you were on it, there was a proportional brown streak in my whitie-tighties" they reminisced."
Don't be fooled by the picture at the right -- the new CAGE ladder can extend the working platform height to 13'-4", providing a reach range to 19'-10".  This can get you up to many electric battens and pipe grids while providing a easy to move, stable work platform.  Imagine being able to SAFELY use BOTH HANDS AT ONE TIME.  What a radical concept for a ladder!

Notice the wide stance, too.  And the best part is that ONE PERSON can move it around.  The fiberglass frame is electrically non-conductive while providing a strong structure that is lightweight like an aluminum ladder.

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