Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quoting them chapter and verse . . . the NFPA moves into the 21st century

Tact, it is said, is the ability to make a point, without making an enemy.  Sometimes you need to show someone that it's not you, personally, that has an opinion about a safety issue - it's the NFPA.  Just like Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet, you can show 'em "Just the facts, ma'am".  Carrying around a set of code books isn't that easy, it's like a set of encyclopedias (only much more boring).

Well, our friends at the NFPA have just made that a lot easier, and probably saved you some chiropractic bills in the process.  You can now get access to the NFPA code books in PDF format and browse the codes on your iThing-a-ma-bob (, then scroll to NFPA . . .).

NFPA Mobile

And to top that off, the NFPA has Podcasts about numerous Fire Safety subjects.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

IAVM Offers Event Safety Training Classes

The IAVM’s mission is to educate venue managers and their staff on the best practices for crowd management and venue safety and preparedness.

Staff training is a key to a safe and quick evacuation or emergency response. Visitors will look to event staff for guidance in an emergency.  Venue staff needs to regularly practice their part in evacuation or emergency response processes.  Make certain new employees learn their role in emergency situations.  The y must know how to communicate procedures to all building staff and volunteers including: food service personnel, performers and crews, contractors, and other vendor staff not directly involved in emergency preparedness.  The NFPA’s Life Safety Code 101 requires one “Trained Crowd Manager” per 250 occupants.  IAVM offers an on-line training class to meet this requirement.  Information about this program can be found at:

Friday, February 8, 2013

ESA Releases Draft Version of US Event Safety Guide

Los Angeles, California - 2013-02-07 - The Event Safety Alliance has released Draft Version 2.0 of the recently developed The US Event Safety Guide for public comment and review.  The initiative began last year after numerous large scale public events suffered deaths of both workers and audience members.  The disasters also included significant damage to equipment which further escalated financial losses and drove-up insurance costs.

US Event Safety Guide Cover
The US Event Safety Guide is modeled after the UK Health and Safety Executive's Publication 195, also known as "The Purple Guide".  The ESA first announced their intention to create a US version of the ESG during the summer of 2012, and they opened a web site to solicit commentary and input for consideration in the development of the US guide.

The document was release to the attendees at the Live Event Expo conference during the numerous Health and Safety Sessions that were offered.  The Draft Version 2.0 of the The US Event Safety Guide can be downloaded at no cost from the ESA web site after registering for access.

When you register for ESA site access you set-up a login id and password so that you can return to the site. Providing commentary about the content of The US Event Safety Guide Draft will help the editors to expand and improve this body of work.  Please take the time to read the guide and contribute your knowledge and experience toward making the guide's content relevant to your work.

Currently, most of the guide is authored around the commercial concert industry, but it can just as easily be applied to educational and non-profit theatre production.  As a participant in your industry it is incumbent upon you help define your working environment.  Almost everything in the guide applies to you and your venue.

The ESA is a non-profit organization and is funded through donations.  Please take a moment and move a few of your hard-earned dollars their way.  Consider it a down-payment on your life, as the efforts of this alliance's members may be clearing the way for a safer workspace for us all.

As an incentive to 'Do the right thing', I'll send a free Theatre Safety Blog Teq-Shirt to anyone who can confirm their donation of $100 or more to the ESA in the month of February, 2013.