Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cover me !

Aside from the missing cover on this electrical box there are other interesting installation 'features':
  • The installer elected to screw into the box from the adjacent panelboard (I sure hope he killed power before he went in there!) so that there were two sharp pointed sheet metal screws protruding into the handibox about an inch or so (if you hadn't noticed, the screws that are intended to protrude into an electrical box are always blunt ended), and
  • There is no bushing through the holes connecting the two boxes, thus leaving sharp metal edges to nick the wire insulation where the knock-out was removed.
  • The source power comes into the box as a white (presumably neutral) conductor and a green (presumably line voltage) conductor, and then depart to the load as a non-standard RED (presumably neutral) conductor and a standard black line voltage conductor. Well, at least they got the NEC color coding scheme half right . . .
  • There is no dedicated ground conductor, as the conduit connections are relied upon for ground continuity. See:, and for more discussion of this topic.

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