Friday, September 25, 2009

Rigging Expert and Author Harry Donovan passes away

The author of "Entertainment Rigging, A Practical Guide" (ISBN 0-9723381-1), rigging systems designer, engineer, and teacher at many rigging workshops over the years has contributed much to the safety practices in our industry. More information about Harry can be found at:

T.E.A.M Rigging Council on Yahoo Groups forwarded this message:

"It is with profound sadness that I write to you today. I was informed this morning that Harry Donovan, our luminaria of the theatrical and entertainment rigging industry has passed. Harry Donovan passed away last night in the hospital to which he was admitted suddenly yesterday. I spoke with his widow, Patty today. Harry had been suffering through another bout with cancer, this time of the throat. After many months of chemo, radiation and most recently, surgery, he passed away without any other warning. Harry was a friend of mine, a mentor and a sailing buddy. I looked up to him in all things rigging and safety. He will be missed here in Seattle. He, along with Dick Delay have helped bring local 15's stagehands into the complicated world of big time rigging and rigging safety. I can't say enough about how much experience and of course knowledge and even employment he brought to our local in Seattle.I know I will miss him very much, Please do what you can to spread the word to our Industry? I know his wife would appreciate it. As will I. Best wishes and regards to all at ESTA from Seattle. Pete Zink, IATSE #15 Seattle Stagehands"

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