Monday, October 5, 2009

National Fire Prevention Week: October 5-9, 2009

This is the National Fire Protection Association's ( yearly awareness campaign week. Take a moment to think about your Theatre or performance venue and how you address Fire Safety issues. Here are some things to check:
  • Fire Extinguishers (When were they last inspected? Do you know how to use them?)
  • Egress Paths (Are they clear of debris?)
  • Emergency Lighting (When was it last tested?)
  • Fire Alarm Devices (Are they clearly marked and accesible?)
  • Fire Fighting Equipment (Are they inspected and accessible?)
  • Fire Curtain (Last tested? Last Inspected?)
  • Smoke Vents (LAst tested? Last Inspected?)
  • Draperies, Scenery, Costumes, and Props (Treated with Fire Retardants?)
Be safe. Test everything. Keep good records. Keep Back-up Records off-site.

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