Sunday, January 31, 2010

No, I said 'Glowable' Tape, Not 'Global' Tape

So, just where do you get this Strontium Aluminate based Glow-In-The-Dark stuff?  Point your search engine toward "Photoluminescent" and about a bazillion possibilities come-up.  You are going to be looking for items that meet the codes and standards mentioned on the PSA and PSPA web sites (see previous post).  If the products don't meet or exceed these standards, then you may be looking at inferior products.

A few of my favorite suppliers are:
American Permalight ( (Check-out the 81-2700 series glow tape - great for theatre !)
Balco (
EcoGlo (
EvacMap (
EverGlow (
GloBright (
GloNation (
Johnsonite Safe-T-First (
KanKote GlowGrip Paint (
KemCo Technology (
NightBright (
Safe Passage (
Suma Industries (
Zero International (

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