Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jumpin' jack flash(light)

I know, I just had a blog entry for Pelican's photoluminescent flashlights, but they have yet another cool tool.  Every Stage Manager and House Manager's workstation oughta have one of these:
Pelican 2480 ELS Emergency Lighting Station houses a Pelican MityLite 2440PLB Flashlight (with a photoluminescent body).  A tail switch for easy, one hand operation fires-up this 21 lumen 5-LED array powered by alkaline/titanium cells that provide 90 hour burn time and shelf life of about 7 years.

Here's the odd part:  You can't find these item on Pelican's web site because they have discontinued this particular model.  However, just plug 'Pelican 2480 ELS'  (for the plastic station holder), or 'Pelican MityLite 2440PLB' (for the flashlight) into a search engine and you can find-out where to snag them.

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