Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Arc-Flash Training Seminars

Burnt to a crisp.  Not Good.  Bad JuJu.  Learn how to recognize Electrical Hazards and work safely around them. NFPA 70E Safety in the Electrical Workplace requires personnel training for anyone that works on electrical power.  Arc Flash events occur very rapidly and if you are caught in the plasma blast you can be seriously injured, burnt, or killed.  Learn about the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to do the job.  Think this doesn't apply to you?  Think again.  Dimmer Racks / Panels and Motor Control Centers (MCC) for Orchestra Lifts and Automated Stage Rigging Winches can have very large Voltage and Amperage power services, as do Road Show Disconnect Panels.

Example of an Arc Flash Warning Label
Note: Each label is custom made to match the requirements of the device to which it is attached.
If you don't see a label similar to this on your equipment, find-out why it isn't there.

Free is good.  Find-out more at: AVO Training Institute:

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