Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Event Safety Guides - Freebies

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publishes The Event Safety Guide.  First authored in 1993, it has been updated and reformatted for easier reading in the Second Edition.  Also Known as "The Purple Guide".  Available here:


Revised to align with recent law changes and event industry best practice. Provides 'tried and tested' advice on which to organize health and safety at music events, although many chapters may also apply to other gatherings sharing similar characteristics. Intended to enable organizers, local authorities, emergency services and HSE to work together to improve safety. As such, this guidance was devised in consultation with an event industry working group. In addition to broader safety headlines, such as venue and site design, fire procedures and major incident planning, the guidance also scopes pertinent circumstantial issues. Accordingly, specifics like transport, barriers, electrics, refreshments, merchandising, amusements, attractions, sanitation, noise, vibration and many other relevant subjects are also considered.

This supersedes the 'Guide to health, safety and welfare at pop concerts and similar events.'
Safe Use and Operation of Temporary Demountable Fabric Structures is a guide book put together by MUTA and is available here:


HSE Managing Crowds Safely (web page):
Event Safety Solutions Blog:
The Special Event Guru Blog:
IAVM Trained Crowd Manager Course (NOT Free, but worth every penny!):

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