Sunday, September 18, 2011

I think I'll go strapless on the catwalk today

Your nemesis - Expanded Metal Grating.
And his side-kick - Bar Grate.

Wurk Pads from the front.
 Working on the Gridiron Deck, Loading Gallery, or Beam Catwalk is not usually all that glamorous, but you can make a fashion statement that is functional and comfortable.  Who knows, maybe you will turn a few heads while wearing these Wurk Pads?  For some unknown reason, masochists must design these work surfaces, as someone that works upon them would never let this happen.  Theatre crews spend way too much time on their knees, and anything you can do to relieve some of that suffering is a good thing.
Wurk Pads - the secret revealed.

The key design element is that they use heavy duty clips that grab your pant legs and won't let go (well, unless you tell them to).  So, wa-la!  Nothing sneaking around behind the crook of your knees to bind-up and get all sweaty.  Sweet!  No sweat.

This can come in handy if you have big feet, too, as some over-the shoe knee pads just won't open-up far enough to slip over your work boots.  I suppose that if you had to work for a stretch on your hiney, you could clip one to each cheek and give them some relief, too.

Knee pads aren't just for crawling around on the steel, either:  the stage and shop floor can harbor small screws, nails, tacks, and other pebble-sized objects that can render your brain useless should you set your full weight down on them via your knee-cap, so put these in your PPE kit - and don't kowtow to anyone without them.

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  1. I was up on a roof doing and installation this week. I did the first part on the pebbles without installation and then quickly grabbed my knee pads. What a difference!! Working in knee pads is more productive and more comfortable. Plus it Protects the knee which is not really meant to be "walked around on".