Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stage Truss Collapse in Italy Kills One, Injures Seven

2011-12-12, Trieste, Italy.  The concert trussing for a Jovanotti concert in the Palazzetto dello Sport an arena in northeastern Italy collapsed as it was being erected and a 20 year old student worker, Francesco Pinna, died from injuries sustained.  Italian news agency ANSA reported that rescue crews said the stage structure was nearing completion when the front buckled and collapsed, crushing workers below.  The accident took place at about 2 pm.  Around twenty technicians were erecting the stage, lighting, and PA system when the structure collapsed.   Rescue services intervened to take the injured workers to hospital.
Jovanotti Ora Concert Tour Stage Truss after Collapse in Palazzetto dello Sport

Police officers are now seeking to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident. Early reports say that the scaffolding “crumpled in on itself.”  Workers who were putting the finishing touches to preparations were overwhelmed by the collapse and some were trapped by steel tubes."

The concert has been cancelled and the remainder of the Ora Tour has been suspended pending investigation.  The sports complex in the San Sabba district, next to the Nereo Rocco football stadium, was seized by the authorities and cordoned-off. “All concerts have been suspended”, announced Maurizio Salvadori, owner of the Trident agency that manages the artist. “We’ll decide what to do tomorrow but at the moment no one wants to go on stage.  It is not known why the structure collapsed.  As always, everything was certified by an engineer. The structure was used all summer with no problems.”  Mr Salvadori explained that the “ground support”, scaffolding that carries speakers and reflectors, had given way.  The mayor of Trieste, Roberto Cosolini, hurried to the site of the accident and underlined the urgent need for “the investigations and expert reports to ascertain responsibility for this incident to be carried out with maximum rigour”.

“This tragedy takes my breath away. It struck me deeply.” Jovanotti tweeted his reaction to the fatal accident. “My grief goes out to Francesco Pinna, a student worker whose life came to an end today,” commented the singer, whose real name is Lorenzo Cherubini.  He added: “A tour is a family working to bring life and joy onto the stage.” A little later, the singer added: “The injured lads are specialised workers who do jobs they love while staying in the background. I’m with you. I love you.”

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