Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sulleberger on Safety

"Management at every level is responsible for safety. Safety should be a core business function because it is too important to be managed by exception."   Sullenberger writes on the Sustainable Business Forum.  Chesley Sullenberger knows just a thing or two about Safety and Leadership - he's the guy that landed a passenger jet in the Hudson River just moments after encountering a flock of birds that killed the engines on take-off.  Everyone got home OK that day.

How is Safety a 'sustainable' element for show business?  Sustainability is the act of keeping both the environment around you alive and healthy - and yourself alive and healthy.  The 'yourself' can be individuals, groups, businesses, or entire planets.  Green initiatives are all about a sustainable world in both the business sense and the human survivability sense.

It is essential that you get Sully's point across to the management of your venue or production company.  Without the survival of the workers, performers, and the audience - there will be no show.  We all need to be healthy and well-functioning to be effective at our jobs and in the enjoyment of the shows we attend.

Check-out Sully's words at: Values Start at the Top

Also check-out the link at the bottom of the article to another writing of his "Aviation Safety is a Team Sport"

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