Friday, August 31, 2012

PLASA releases Orchestra Lift Standard for Public Review

BSR E1.42 – 201x, Entertainment Technology — Safety Standard for Orchestra Pit Lifts, is available for public review on the PLASA website until October 23, 2012.  The last day to comment is October 22, 2012.  It may be downloaded for free at

Saenger Theater - New Orleans
Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, with split lift for Orchestra and Organ Console

BSR E1.42 is being written to address the lack of a national standard in North America for orchestra pit and forestage lifts, and to help establish minimum safety requirements and inspection procedures. The scope is limited to safety and to orchestra or forestage lifts that are installed as a part of the building and that are not custom-built for a single theatrical production.

For more information, please contact Karl Ruling, PLASA's Technical Standards Manager, at karl (dot) ruling (at) plasa (dot) org

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