Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skull Scrapers

The meat on top of your head is pretty tender, all jokes about 'thick-headed people aside. This is why wearing an ANSI standard OSHA approved hard hat around a theatre is a really good idea. Catwalks are notorious for low hanging steel and sharp edges.

The following picture shows a steel ladder that was mounted away from a wall, but the steel tab for the wall attachment was left intact. As you can see, someone walking around backstage in the dark could very easily run into this. Padding and marking aren't really an option here -- time to get out the cutting torch or hack saw and completely eliminate this hazard! Remember to grind the remanants smooth if you cut something off of the vertical railing of a ladder, otherwise you are creating a great way to slice someone's hand as they use the ladder.

Here is a home-brew solution to some protruding beams along a loading gallery. Glue some foam pipe insulation over the corners.

Use your noggin for thinking, not bonking.

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