Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wire rope cable termination gone wrong - very wrong

(Sigh) What can I say that this picture doesn't? Obviously, the proper way to terminate a wire rope was not in this person's skill set. Good intentions mean little if someone gets injured due to a rigging failure.

  • Know your load.
  • Know your cable strength.
  • Know how to apply a safety (design) factor for live loads vs static loads.
  • Know the efficiency (derating) of the termination method (Crosby's are different than Nicopress).
  • Know how to install a cable thimble.
  • Know how to terminate it for maximum safe load carrying capacity.

If you use cable clips ("Crosby's"):

  • Know how to install them ("Never saddle a dead horse" means don't install the forged cable grip over the unloaded tail of the cable).
  • Know how many you need.
  • Know the spacing required.
  • Know the torque of the bolts/nuts and use a torque wrench to achieve it.

If you use crimp-on sleeves ("Nicopress"):

  • Know how to install them.
  • Know how many you need.
  • Know the spacing required.
  • Know which axis of the compression oval is to be crushed (crimped).
  • Know how to check and adjust the crimping tool so the die properly siezes the compression oval.
  • Use a Go / No-Go gauge to check your finished crimps.

{Photo courtesy of 'Curiousbrandt' on Flicker}

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