Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arbor Day is Time to Check Your Arbors

Your Counterweight Arbors are stressed-out.  Make them feel better by giving them a thorough check-up.  Doctor's Orders.

Things to check:

Top Plate Connections:
  • Make sure that all the screws, nuts, and bolts, are tight.
  • Check the Hauling Line rope to see that is secure and not worn.
  • Check the Lift Line Terminations to see that they are all secure.
Not Good Example . . .

 Check to see that Spreader Plates are accessible and Weight Locking Rings are in-use.
Not buried like this . . .
Check to see that the rods nuts are tight:

Tight nuts are good to keep your rod in place.
And check to see of the lower rope connection is properly tied-off:
Note the thimble to keep the rope from abrading on the lower arbor eye.

Keep a good eye on your arbors and watch for loose parts!  If something gives-way it could be deadly!

Every Day is Arbor Day in the Theatre

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