Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grip Like a Gorilla

The ergonomics of loading counterweights place your hands at risk of being crushed and 
banged about pretty badly.  You need to both protect your hands from outside abuse and to keep a good grip on those steel bricks lest you let one slip away and kill someone below.

Showa-Best Glove Company has a good solution to that problem.  Their S-Tex 300 and S-Tex 350 work gloves have rubber or nitrile palms for good grip, and they come in a safety neon yellow your buddy on the Loading Gallery doesn't forget where your hands are and plop a 20 pound brick down on one or both of them.
Showa-Best Glove S-Tex 300
Besides being bright and grippy, these gloves have a very high puncture resistance rating, tear resistance rating, and blade cut rating, so they can be very handy (forgive the pun) around the shop when handling glass, sheet metal, and replacing saw blades (NOTE:  never wear gloves when actually using a power saw or power drill - one snag and it'll pull your hand right into the blade or bit).  The open mesh back keeps your hands cool, too.

Get a Grip

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