Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ladder Safety Should Be A High Priority

Ladder Safety is an ongoing concern in the performing arts as more and more venues are constructed with inadequate access to the working parts of a production facility. Powered Manlifts are one possible solution, yet many administrators somehow think that they are less expensive than a trip to the hospital.  Even with a Powered Manlift, ladders are frequently found around many workplaces because they are a convenient way to access many items

Make a concerted effort to train students, co-workers, and administrators about Ladder Safety so that there is a consistent perspective on the subject throughout your organization.

The AFL-CIO's Construction Trades Department has produced an 8-page Ladder Safety Guidebook that can be downloaded free at:

OSHA QuickCard on Ladder Safety:

OSHA Training Tools - Falls from Scaffold, Ladders, & Roofs:

American Ladder Safety

Don't use other junk for Ladders!

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