Friday, May 11, 2012

Weather Resources and Electrical Safety Dominate PLASA Protocol

The spring 2012 issue of PLASA's Protocol magazine has an article about weather observing tools written by John Huntington.  The article "Weather Resources for Show Crews" discusses a very important issue in light of the numerous recent weather-related show accidents over the past few years.  John is an avid weather-watcher and is well-versed in meteorology and how it can affect outdoor shows.

Other article of interest include Keith Bohn's “Tips for a Safe Outdoor Concert Season.”  The article discusses the planning and management of of outdoor event structures and the considerations for weather-related loading.  A nice tie-in to John Huntington's article.

Electrical safety is addressed by Richard Cadena in his Shadow, Light, and Truth column.  His article “Grounding and Bonding Portable Generators and Stages" should be read by all that are involved in show production lest you become a victim of another person's mistakes.  In a related article, he offers-up a brain-teaser about using three-phase power generators in a single-phase configuration.  Just how much power can it really deliver?

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