Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whether or Not to Monitor Weather

To be, or not to be (rained-out, or sued out of business), that is the question.  As exemplified by recent weather-related event catastrophes, the monitoring of the local weather is no longer an option.  Sanity and safety dictate that event planners have accurate and knowledgeable weather experts closely monitoring the skies.
What better source for these experts than someone that lives dead-center in Tornado Alley - Norman Oklahoma.  WeatherOps is a subdivision of  Weather Decision Technologies, Inc., a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting systems. WeatherOps is an live entertainment focused offering within WDT's range of services.  WeatherOps offers a staff of trained meteorologists that track weather as it pertains to a specific indoor or outdoor event.  They can provide forecasts and alerts that can be informational broadcast via Internet, SMS (text messages), mobile apps, and/or mobile push alerts.  Event managers have direct phone access to their meteorologists regardless of the time-of-day.

The popular music group Linkin Park has recognized the benefit of this type of service, and has contracted with WeatherOps to follow their 2012 Living Things tour.  WeatherOps will be providing the tour manager, Jim Digby, with color-coded emergency weather plans throughout the tour.  Digby is one of the founding members of the Event Safety Alliance.

Keep your events safer by proactive monitoring of weather activity by utilizing this, or other similar services.

Also see: for a link to the Spring 2012 Protocol magazine article about event weather safety.

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