Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Theatre Safety Blog Passes Another Milestone

2012-11-13 - Sometime in the past week this blog passed a milestone of 170,000 views.  The hit counter is rolling regularly now, and I want to let the readers know that I really enjoy doing this.  It has been quite rewarding to read the comments and questions that are posed both publicly and privately.

Again:  Thanks!  As a reward to you loyal readers, the first five people that send me an e-mail with a 50 word (give or take - I'm not too picky) note about how the Theatre Safety Blog has helped you be a better theatre person, you'll get a free Theatre Safety Blog Teq-Shirt.  How cool is that?  Just send your note to: safety (at) teqniqal (dot) com [insert legal crud here . . no, just joking - but we'll be fair].

The TSB shirts are custom built to be reversed so you can be a  theatre ninja  during the show, and keep your butt from getting  run-over  during that chaotic time before and after a show.  Just turn it inside-out -- and you'll be ready to go.


2012-10-03 - Theatre Technical Director Lyle Henning at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia recently got shirt all over himself by responding:
"Theatre Safety Blog has helped me not only understand my own safety, but how my actions affect the safety of the people around me. I recently found myself in a leadership position of an aging venue, and I have been commended for the amount of maintenance and repair I have done in a short amount of time. Your Blog was part of the inspiration for getting a widely used and very worn venue back into a safe and efficient workplace.  Thank you, and keep up the safe work!"

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  1. “Seriously, one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever gotten.” - Teacher Kyle Martin at Cooper High School, Abilene, Texas.