Monday, October 1, 2012

Event Safety Alliance moves forward on US Event Safety Guide

The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) has solidified plans to move forward with publishing an Americanized version of the widely-used U.K. guide of best practices in the event production industry, The Event Safety Guide also known as The Purple Guide.

First published in the UK in 1999, The Event Safety Guide is a 33 chapter event production primer covering best practices for event production safety.  The chapters include planning and management recommendations to specific topics such as electrical installation, sanitation, structures, and 30 other key elements for safe event production at every style and size event.  The forum for suggestions at is still open for comments.

Event Safety Alliance spokesperson, Jim Digby stated, "This is a collaborative effort by some of the best minds in the industry lending their expertise in the specific areas of event production safety they are most qualified in.  This collaboration will provide event professionals with a reference guide that is more than a starting point to find solutions to common problems in attendee safety."  Digby is one of the founders of the organization and has testified before legislatures in regards to event safety procedures.

Although there is strong leadership at the ESA, the group maintains that “YOU ARE THE EVENT SAFETY ALLIANCE, and that input is needed through the web site from all industry professionals.
John Brown, another founder of the Event Safety Alliance, went on to say, "The Event Safety Guide brings together information needed by event organizers, their contractors and employees to help them prioritize safety in all aspects of event production."

The Event Safety Alliance will be conducting meetings and seminars at this year's Event Live Expo ( to be held in Los Angeles, February 5-7, 2013 on the Event Deck at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.  Seminar topics will be announced soon.

Jim Digby states, "It is our hope to have the project completed by the Event Live Expo.  However, this could be a project that comes in installments."  To help expedite the project, the ESA has enlisted Timeless Communications (the publishers of the Event Production Directory [EPD], Front of House [FOH], Projection, Lights and Staging News [PLSN], and Stage Directions) to spearhead the production and editing of the book.

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