Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keeping Dents Out of Co-workers Noggins

Ty-Flot, makers of tool restraint lanyards, has introduced a new way to work with drop prevention equipped tools and tool belts.  The Quick-Switch system allows the use of a short lanyard that fits between the tool and the worker's wrist so that long floppy lanyards are eliminated.

Conventional lanyards that are tied-off to work belts and climbing harnesses must be long enough to facilitate using the tool at extreme reach positions.  These longer lanyards allow dropped tools to travel farther and pick-up more speed before they are restrained.  If the tool lanyard loops over a railing, it can swing back and strike a worker severely.

The Quick-Switch lanyard connection on the short lanyards allow tools to change hands, and be stored without presenting large loops to snag on protruding objects around the worker.

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