Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shackle Pin Safety

When working at height, even the smallest of dropped objects can become deadly projectiles.  Show riggers working in arenas and stadiums can sometimes be more than 100' above the floor, so even a shackle pin can achieve a terminal velocity that could penetrate a hard-hat.  Ty-Flot, maker of all things to do with securing your tools, has announced the availability of a safety lanyard for shackle screw-pins.  Set-up with a mini-pivoting joint in the cable, it allows the free rotation of the shackle pin for installations all-the-while keeping it safely attached to the shackle bow when disengaged.  The device quickly installs using one field crimp.
 When used in conjunction with a safety lanyard attached to the worker, it can prevent dropped shackles while they are being installed / removed, too - just clip your lanyard onto the shackle lanyard.  Check out their Retractable Wrist Cuff Lanyard:

More information at www.Ty-Flot.com

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