Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quoting them chapter and verse . . . the NFPA moves into the 21st century

Tact, it is said, is the ability to make a point, without making an enemy.  Sometimes you need to show someone that it's not you, personally, that has an opinion about a safety issue - it's the NFPA.  Just like Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet, you can show 'em "Just the facts, ma'am".  Carrying around a set of code books isn't that easy, it's like a set of encyclopedias (only much more boring).

Well, our friends at the NFPA have just made that a lot easier, and probably saved you some chiropractic bills in the process.  You can now get access to the NFPA code books in PDF format and browse the codes on your iThing-a-ma-bob (, then scroll to NFPA . . .).

NFPA Mobile

And to top that off, the NFPA has Podcasts about numerous Fire Safety subjects.

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