Saturday, February 9, 2013

IAVM Offers Event Safety Training Classes

The IAVM’s mission is to educate venue managers and their staff on the best practices for crowd management and venue safety and preparedness.

Staff training is a key to a safe and quick evacuation or emergency response. Visitors will look to event staff for guidance in an emergency.  Venue staff needs to regularly practice their part in evacuation or emergency response processes.  Make certain new employees learn their role in emergency situations.  The y must know how to communicate procedures to all building staff and volunteers including: food service personnel, performers and crews, contractors, and other vendor staff not directly involved in emergency preparedness.  The NFPA’s Life Safety Code 101 requires one “Trained Crowd Manager” per 250 occupants.  IAVM offers an on-line training class to meet this requirement.  Information about this program can be found at:

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