Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yup, we've got all of our Fire Extinguishers safely locked away . . .

  1. Find Key to Fire Extinguiser cabinet padlock, go to step 5, -or-
  2. Find safety goggles and put them on.
  3. Find heavy object to bash out glass.
  4. Reach past broken glass edges and retreieve Fire Extinguisher.
  5. Find wire cutter.
  6. Cut tie wire on Safety Pin.
  7. Pull Pin.
  8. Aim at base of fire.
  9. Squeeze handle.
  10. Sweep back and forth across base of fire.
Do ya think maybe some one missed the training module about putting-out little fires BEFORE they become BIG FIRES?


  1. I'm guessing this was in a school somewhere and that this was done to prevent vandalism. Obviously this is a case of competing values. In other words they were probably trying to keep people safe from the safety equipment. There obviously has to be a better way.

  2. There was one of these in my high school's theatre, and we had a framing hammer with a hole drilled through the handle attached to the wall with swedged aircraft cable. I broke the glass once to put out a small fire a student started when I was working for the school, and the glass has not been replaced since. The plastic tie broke easily though- wasn't even a struggle.

  3. I would presume like the previous comment that this would be in a school and to prevent misuse of any Fire Extinguishers on the school grounds. Surely there has to be a better way, because in an emergency that time could ultimately cost dear.

  4. There are various kind of fire extinguisher for preventing fire. You can use fire extinguisher according to the need, Class A,B,C,D & K are available.