Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 LDI Show Schedule Available - Sign-up NOW!

The LDI International trade show has grown over the years to include much more than just stage lighting. You will also find sound, rigging, staging, video, projection, special effects, and thousands of tools to do your job more efficiently and safely. This year's show in Las Vegas (aka: Lo$t Wage$) runs Monday, October 18 thru Sunday, October 24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Of particular interest is the growth of show production safety workshops being presented by ETCP trainers:
  • Stage Rigging Fundamentals - two days (L27)
  • Ohm's Law and Order: Essential Electrical Training - two days (L28)
  • Left Brain Rigging: An A-Z on Math and how it applies to rigging - two days (L29)
  • Left Brain Rigging Calculator - build your own spreadsheets for critical repetitive calculations (L30)
  • Tomcat USA: Safely Building the Beast - truss system design, fall arrest systems, ground supported systems - two days (L31)
  • Keep your Stage Rigging Happy & Healthy AR01)
  • Math for Riggers (Made Simple) (AR02)
  • System Integration Trends in Automation (AR03)
  • Is your GO Button Putting You at Risk? - Motor Control Technology & Risk Mitigation (ES01)
  • SIL Explained: Understanding European and Control System Safety Standards (ES02)
  • Fire Safety Curtain Systems - Closing the Door on Smoke (ES09)
  • Hook Up and Go! - Is Climbing on a Portable Structure Really That Easy? (ES10)
  • All About the ETCP (FS01)
  • ETCP paper & Pencil Exams at LDI - actually take the test(s)!
And of course, there will be lots of blinky lights and glittery things both inside and outside the convention center. Be There. See a Show. Have Fun. Learn Something.

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