Thursday, July 8, 2010

SchoolDude announces upcoming webinar on Managing the Risks Associated with Community use of School Facilities

As a part of their Facility Masters Webcast Series, SchoolDude is hosting an interactive webinar that will discuss the liability exposure that Schools can have when they rent or loan facilities to outside user groups.  You must protect your school from liability issues and manage the risks related to community use of your facilities, such as personal injury and participant health/safety, as well as potential damage to facilities and mechanical failures. Additionally, you should be tracking and recovering the costs associated with community facility use, such as additional utility expenses, custodial overtime and building wear and tear.

This webinar will identify best practices and proven processes for managing the risks associated with the use of school facilities by community groups, including:
  • Establishing fees and invoicing to recover facility use costs
  • Importance of consistent rental policies and procedures
  • Managing insurance certificates
  • Knowing when and by whom school facilities are being used
  • Preventing mechanical failure
  • Avoiding overbooking
  • Leveraging technology
Making school facilities available for use by the community requires more than simply unlocking the door and allowing people in.  Be prepared with knowledge and planning.
Presenters are:
  • Bethany Kerr: District Scheduler – Clarkston Community Schools, MI
  • Lee Gaby: Executive Director – Public School Risk Institute
  • Roger Young: Principal Member – Roger Young and Associates LLC, MA
  • Justin Turner: Applications Engineer –
Webinar Info:
Community Use of School Facilities: Managing the Risks
Thursday, July 22, 2010, 12:00pm-1:15pm Eastern Time

Register Now at:

For a more complete guide to previous seminars and resources on this subject, visit the SchoolDude web site:

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