Friday, May 3, 2013

LOTO also means - Test Before You Touch

As a part of Electrical Safety Month, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi) has published a safety flyer addressing the need to test an electrical device BEFORE you stick your fingers or tools in to work on it.  Just because you THINK it's OFF, doesn't necessarily MEAN it's OFF.  To mix a metaphor and paraphrase our favorite Star Trek character:
      Measure Twice - Live Long and Prosper!

Get the Test Before You Touch safety flyer here for reprinting and distribution to your crew:

Or you can order the pamphlets for a nominal charge at:

There is a free Test Before You Touch safety video that can be watched online or downloaded at: and scroll down to: ESFI "Never Assume" Safety Series

Or you can purchase the "Never Assume" DVD here:


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