Tuesday, May 7, 2013

To flash, or not to flash. That is the question.

Event Support Vehicle Traffic can present a hazard to pedestrians and other vehicles around a show site.  It is common practice for everyone to leave their amber 4-way emergency / hazard flashers running continuously in a effort to alert others.  This practice may seem to be beneficial, but after awhile it just clutters the visual landscape and is tuned-out by those it may benefit the most.

To further complicate matters, if some of the flasher lamps on the vehicle are burned-out, then it may appear that the vehicle driver is signalling a turn when they are not.  When the amber 4-way emergency / hazard flashers are on, it also makes intentional use of the turn signals non-apparent.  Additional rational for this can be found on the HazardsOFF web site.

In an effort to homogenize the use of flashers at the appropriate times, a group of UK event organizers have started a campaign to get uniform policies throughout the event work staff to NOT use flashers.

Visit the HazardsOFF web site of more information, window stickers, policy advice, and more.

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