Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stanky Thang - Be Gone!

Sometimes it just isn't practical to bring your hard-hat with you, yet borrowing one from the tool pool seems a bit, well, yechy might be the word.  You don't know where that thing has been, or who has been wearing it.  The sharing of hard hats can bring the unwanted transfer of lice, skin disease, viruses, and, well, general yechiness!

Be polite to yourself and your guests and clean your gear, particularly your spare gear.  Wipe them down with disposable alcohol wipes, wash them with hot water and anti-bacterial soap, and keep them up off of the floor where bugs won't climb into them and build webs or nests (shudder . . .).  Believe me, 'Buzz' doesn't want to feel the after-effects of Brylcreem Bob's 'doo gel on his chrome dome.  Replacing the brow sweat band once in awhile would be a good idea, too!

GKR Industries offers the Hardliner disposable sanitary hard hat liner. Simple to install, easy to dispose of.
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