Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blow This! Littelfuse Publishes Electrical Safety Handbook

Littlefuse, a company long known in the electrical and electronics industries for fast-acting circuit protection devices, has published a 76 page Electrical Safety Hazards Handbook that is free to download as a PDF.

This isn't a simple Do This, Don't Do That pamphlet.  This extensive guide explains the history, physics, body physiology, relevant safety codes, hazard analysis, and offers suggestions about how to minimize exposure to a variety of workplace conditions.  It also includes a chapter on Arc-Flash safety.

Numerous Annex Chapters are provided that cover key Electrical Terminology, Arc-Flash calculations and tables, an example Hot Work Permit for those thinking about risking their lives tinkering with energized circuits and equipment, Electrical Safety Resources (with live links), and much more.

The booklet concludes with an Electrical Safety Quiz and an answer guide for checking your knowledge.

Download your copy here:

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