Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fire Door Safety - the UK Perspective

Reading British books and manuals can be challenging for us in the States - it's like we are two countries separated by a common language.  None-the-less, it can be informative and insightful to see how they do it across the pond.  When it comes to Fire Doors, the British Standards (BS) tend to follow the International ISO standards more closely that we do in the US, where we mostly link to ANSI (albeit, the US ANSI standards are gradually migrating to be aligned with the ISO standards as well).

The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (that's "Architectural Hardware" in US English) has produced a set of guides that show good examples of Fire Door hardware and the associated signage.  Part 1 provides a general overview of Fire Door purpose and function, and Part 2 delves into the Maintenance required and provides good examples of problems you might look-out for.

You can download these two guide books here:
Part 1 - Overview: & Escape Doors Part 1.pdf
Part 2 - Maintenance: & Escape Doors Part 2.pdf

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