Friday, March 30, 2012

Show me a little tail, please

The crimp oval on the left is done with a bit of the cable exposed above the metal, as it should be.

On the right, we have one that came-up a bit short.  To get full strength out of the crimp it must be compressed down around ALL of the cables.

Copper crimp ovals are preferred over aluminum ovals due to reports of cracks and splits in the softer aluminum.  Check your cable terminations regularly to see that they holding-up and were done correctly.
Common tool manufacturers for compression fittings are:
Also notice the split link used to connect the chain back to itself.  This device is not rated for overhead lifting and, therefore, should not be used for stage rigging.

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  1. Also note that the chain should not terminate to itself but to the eye in the cable. Both photos show improperly terminated trim chains which effectively reduce the working load by one-half.