Thursday, March 8, 2012

PLASA Protocol Speaks-Out About Safety

The entertainment industry organization PLASA (recently joined with ESTA) offers free monthly magazine titled Protocol.  It's always chock-full of good information, and this month is no exception.  There are several good articles aimed directly at stage safety:
  • Rich Wolpert and Delbert Hall’s Tech Tips column expands on Rigger's Fids in "Fids, Part 2" - If you don't know what a "rigger's fid" is, or want to know more about how to make and use them, this is a great series.
  • Jim Utterback with Joe Aldridge, Eddie Raymond, and Alan Rowe following up with his on-going series on Safety, this one on "Risk Assessment”.
  • Gary Justesen from Oasis Stage Werks writes about "Seeking Shelter From The Storm" and the inspection and operations protocols for Outdoor Stages with a sidebar discussion about event cancellation insurance by Neil Huff.
  • Richard Cadena and Alan Rowe discuss "Lithium Battery Hazards" and how not to burst into flames while flying.
You can get your own subscription to this fine journal at: and yes, you can read it on your mobile device, too, with reader apps available.

While you are there, cruise on over to and sign-up to be a PLASA member.

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