Friday, March 23, 2012

We're dark on Mondays . . . and when the power goes off

Nothing like a blown fuse, tripped breaker, or general power outage to leave you wondering where the nearest flashlight is.

Pelican, the makers of really cool cases and flashlights, has solved that problem.  Check them out at

They offer flashlights with  photoluminescent  parts that 'charge-up' from both the flashlight's own output, and the ambient light.

Their LED lights will run for a claimed 50 hours.  Just look under Lights : Recoil™ LED Series on their web site, or go directly to:

SabreLite 2000PL (
SabreLite 2010PL LED (
StealthLite 2400PL  (
StealthLite 2410PL LED (
Little Ed 3610PL LED (
Big Ed 3700PL (
Big Ed 3750PL Rechargeable (

And if you already have a Pelican flashlight, some models have the  photoluminescent  shrouds available for retrofit - just go to the accessories page.

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