Monday, March 19, 2012

Electrical Room Fire at Golden State Theatre

2012-03-17 - Monterey, California.  A fire was reported to the Monterey Fire Department at around 12:17AM Saturday morning after four people tried to control the flames with a hand-held fire extinguisher.  Damage to the building was minimal and contained to the electrical room.  Most of the damage was smoke spreading to other parts of the venue.

A total of 16 fire crew members dealt with the incident, responding with four engines, a ladder truck, and a chief officer.  Upon arrival, firefighters detected smoke on the inside of the building, set up for fire attack, ventilation and forcible-entry operations, and then entered the room, where they found the fire still in progress.

"[It] Turns-out a plastic water pipe from a sink in another part of the building melted, leaked water into the electrical room and helped put out the fire before we got there," Roth said. "That certainly helped contain the fire to that single room, which was fortunate. If a building that large goes up, the whole block could go up.

The root cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Photo Credit:  Warren Dewey

The 1600 seat theatre underwent a renovations several years ago and is used for cinematic presentations, live shows, church services, and events featuring a large Wurlitzer Organ.

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