Thursday, March 22, 2012

Way-finding: Which way out?

If I was in a hurry to get out of some place, like, say . . WHEN THERE IS A FIRE, I'd want to:
A:  Be able to read the evacuation map in a hurry,
B:  Be able to read it in the dark with the power out.

Hand Scrawled Fire Evacuation Route Sign (8 1/2 x 11)
Here's a good idea that can help those things come together:
  • Make the map large enough that you can read it without squinting.
  • Make the lettering bold and easy to read, say 1/4" (6mm), minimum (no hand-written letters either).
  • Place a "YOU ARE HERE" arrow or marker that is REALLY BIG AND OBVIOUS.
  • Then print the sign on clear film and mount it over a sheet of  photoluminescent  material.
That's where the folks at EvacMap ( can fix you right up.  They can do your graphics for you, or you can provide your own.  Their  photoluminescent  sign frames are just what you need.
Another source for these types of sign frames is Accuform Signs (  They also offer special sign frames for  Severe Weather Plans .  Another time when the power may not be functioning and you don't want to evacuate the building, but instead, you want to relocate everyone to a safer location within the building.

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